Friday, March 15, 2013

A Philosophical Poem On Human Action, Sin, and Freewill

A Philosophical Poem On Human Action, Sin, and Freewill




I own no pictures-
             I have a memory and a mirror in case I forget.
             look within the eyes of ingenuous intent,
             a time for a bathing?
             a dirty child condemned to hell!
             I was cleansed before my education,
             the living truth the abandoned role defied.
             it has led from purity to this insidious labyrinth,
             the ubiquitous Lucifer looming 'round the corner,
             he and I face to face, "yes, follow me to hell!"
             and I have followed.
             oh breasts of sweetest milk,
             she, fashionably audacious,
             to gracefully feast as the lion on her prey,
             swallowing my strength today.
             onward thru perplexity
             picking plump grapes along the way.
             their succulence explodes within my lustful mouth,
             she appears lying before me,
             quivering, screaming,
             Hades' Queen, the river flows as my soul bursts,
             cursed by anomalies,
             Augustine laughing, human hell.
             thus we create,
             thus we falter,
             and thus we are alone.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Philosophic Poetry, About A Girl

Philosophic Poetry: About A Girl


a walk in the rain, such peace I obtain:

I jump and wave in oddning guise
unto a man who can not see,
but many others passing by
wave unto, though never she.
she passes, sweetly,
as the birds who fly discretely.
 I enter thru the edifice
the edifying slur,
sylphonic greetings float along
arriving thus as words.
I imbibe the syllables
again they dissipate,
twisting, undeciphered,
intoxicating the brain.
I to sit befuddled
behind a wall, a glass.
marbles role in kindness
I flutter she to pass.
foolish, quixotic,
a difference embraced,
mingling, intervening,
so much differentiates.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Insane Poet, A Deep Poem From A Lost Mind

Deep Poetry From a Lost Mind


The Insane Poet: A Philosophical Poem

from an institution a scream
cries for a revolution,
a fallen mind's contribution.

yes, a breath I have spoke before,
but if then a fallen mind
may I ask- what is now rendered?

I hear the call of withered will
from the cellar I hear weeping,
scarcely a frustrated yell.

the persecuting empathy
upon feeble legs the burden;
but what of pain, may we learn?

but there is not to be reason!
merely false axioms,
creative neglectful wisdom,

volition of intention,
dreams of relative perception.
ah, the placating utterance,

the curse of self importance.
belief, another condition,
heed thus a divine volition.

now to interposing the creed-
to speak of the lives I will save,
those taken in my name!

I incessantly battle truth!
I shall condemn opposition!
but I shall condemn no person?

may I question causality?
yes, to realize I am nothing.
to digress from this a mental death.

thus speaks the insane poet...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

An New Adage of Old

An New Adage of Old


I've learned an ancient secret

with you I cannot share

for this secret's so untrue

but of this I'm unaware

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Deep Poetry, A Poem On The Seasons Of Life

Deep Poetry: On Life , Death Through Seasons

There for Me: A Poem Of The Seasons

oh stand alone little blossom
bathe in the refreshing rain,
it is an early autumn for you
and winter moves unyieldingly toward.
 the change of seasons, colors,
weather, life and death;
and winter has arrived
all too early & clear in heart and mind.
I gaze thru the lovely rain,
my garden smiling, near bloom,
and I need one, there for me,
and after a blossom is laid a seed.
the soothing peaceful rainfall,
the beautiful flowers of spring,
the changing of the seasons,
and a mind's futility.
 now let us end our daydream
as autumn approaches near,
when leaves are falling from the sky
as a soul of doubt and fear.